Thursday, August 15, 2013

#14 A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine and a plan for handling those few facets of life that don't get better after 30

I realize I'm going out of order here, but lately I have had a number of epiphanies about my almost-thirty body.  Firstly, I have to eat and eat well.  I put on about 10 pounds last spring/summer during the med switch.  It's amazing what a whole season of immobility will do to your love handles.  I've been trying to get it off for a while, so I downloaded this app called My Fitness Counter.  As I logged for a few days, it told me that I wasn't eating enough and my body was in starvation mode.  Sigh.  It was hard, mentally, but I increased my calorie intake with healthy foods and started exercising.  Voolah, I started losing weight.  The idea of increasing my calories really freaked me out, but now it's settling with me.  Every morning I have a green smoothie.  Then I have a healthy lunch and make sure it's filled with protein and vitamins instead of just starving myself, then having dinner and some ice cream.  To most of you, that won't seem like rocket science, but to me, it was like, woah.

Secondly, sunscreen is my friend.  Watching my mom's skin get cut up and burned off every month has left this part-mexi girl, well, pale.  I'm staying out of the sun, and when I'm not, I lather on the sunscreen.  A pretty tan isn't worth skin cancer.  I haven't seen a tanning bed for like two years.  Yes, I miss my golden gams, but have you ever tried Sally Hansen leg makeup?  Magical.  No matter how you slice it, (ew) tanning isn't worth cancer.

Thirdly, and this is the big one, my skin is changing.  I've had acne since puberty and it has. not. left.  So aggravating.  You have no idea!  I am constantly trying new things and new procedures.  My dermatologist recently told me to come to grips with this, "As long as you're on seizure meds, which we're assuming is your whole life, you'll have acne."  Really?  Well you're bald and have a huge nose, so grip that, bitch!  Ugh.  But the past year or so, it wasn't just acne, it was this weird rash of zits that covered my whole face like a beacon of ugliness.  I can't believe I'm showing you these, but take a gander at these beauties.

Wtf, right?  Makeup made it look worse, if you can imagine.  Fun, yes?  So, I've been doing this thing called Freeflys where you sign up for free samples of random products and I got a free full-sized sample of Auravie, an anti-aging line.  I'd never used anything without any acne-fighting products in it before, but thought, "What the hell?  It can't get any worse."

Omg.  Hi, I'm Chelsi, and AuraVie changed my life.  My skin hasn't been this clear since college.  We canceled my subscription because it's like $89 per product, but wow.  I ran out of the moisturizer a while ago but I'm only halfway through the face wash and gel.  I replaced the night cream with an Aveeno night cream but I don't like it as much.  With the AuraVie cream, I literally felt like I was replenishing my skin.  This led to another epiphany.  My skin doesn't need acne fighting chems anymore.  It needs moisture.  Like CREAM.  My entire life, creams and anything with the word "moisture" in it, were the enemy.  I'd break out just looking at them. It still weirds me out when I put on my night cream.  I'm like, a woman now.

I'm nervous for when it runs out though.  I'm thinking I'll use Cetaphil to was my face, but I'm not sure.  What products do you guys use?  I need a replacement regimen for my AuraVie.  As far as eyes go, I use Mary Kay eye cream occasionally but I have to be careful because it dries out my skin.

These epiphanies, while weird, have been empowering.  It's like I know what to do with my body now.  That's never happened before.  I love it.  In my book, Angie Harmon says of #14, "In your thirties you become more aware of your body and more familiar with it.  You own it.  It's an empowerment and a transformation.  With age comes respect."

Hello, respect.  Hello, mature eating.  Hello, mature skin.  Hello, thirty.


Ruby in the Rough said...

So I use Avon's Anew Rejuvenation line. It's about $90 full priced for the entire set. Whenever I use anything else, I break out though, so it's worth it. I gave it to myself for Christmas and started replacing the different items as they've gone on sale in June. I remember loving Mary Kay, but that stuff is very expensive.

Seantae Jackson said...

Man I love you. I've been having these epiphanies too. (When do you turn 30? I do June next year.... ) My newest one is that I can wear my hair up everyday and if I add a twist or a braid in it and wear dangly earrings- I appear as if I'm put together and I somehow feel more out together. Who would have thought?!? I have also been desperately seeking something for acne. My friend said she tried something that she mixed from the grocery store. I'll ask her and email you because I wanted to try it to. When you don't have any money and you can use food stamps to clear up acne- where could I go wrong?!