Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, My Angel, Mother-To-Be.

Not Under Your Heart, But In It. 
By Spencer Johnston

On this Mother's Day,
In Church, when they ask Mothers to stand,
I hope you would feel welcome among those elect ladies...
To stand and be recognized, and applauded for your efforts.
A Mom...
A mom is the ultimate safety blanket,
and the source of all wisdom.
They are the crafter of dreams,
and the origin of smiles.
They are their guardian and protector,
and every child's greatest advocate.
She is a pillar for truth and righteousness,
And their oldest, bestest friend.
Their first home was a womb,
A place of serenity and love,
Where God's love on Earth can be felt.
In this source of refuge, for nine tough months,
a mother shelters this gift where He dwelt.
In a sacred vessel, they are nourished and loved,
They mature and are brought through the veil.
Through every extreme, mothers sacrifice all,
So that God's brilliant plan can prevail.
But your heart is no different, filled with shelter and love,
Where life's storms rage in and leave mild.
A haven on Earth for our younglings to grow,
From a seed, to a dream, to a child.
So... My Angel, stand with these moms, because you are one too,
and should be cherished with them every minute.
For you've carried our babies nearly ten lengths that time,
Not under your heart, but in it.  

I'm not a poet.  Chelsi is the poet in the family  with all of the talent.  But I know that Mother's Day can often be a source of sadness and I wanted Chelsi to know how much I love and adore her, for all that she is and for all that she is doing to bring our babies into this world.  As my favorite singer Mason says... "Sweetheart, THIS is my dream come true... God bless the babies that sleep in you." 

I am the luckiest man who has ever lived.  And I know that our kids will feel the same way as I do. 

I love you Angel, Happy Mother's Day. 


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