Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2 interviews, 8 years, 1 home study, 15 days

So, you might've noticed some changes on the blog.  I didn't really want to change it, because I like our, "Adventures as Newly Weds" theme.  And after eight years, I can honestly say that I still feel like one.  I think those who know us would agree that we act like newly weds, only not so annoying.  ;)  So, my darling husband, DH, convinced me that our adventures as newly weds weren't over, we were just writing a sequel.  So, here's the beginning of that sequel:

Last week was likely the most stressful week of my life.  It was also one of the best.  Wednesday we had our individual adoption interviews.  They were going to be cancelled due to another meeting, but our sweet caseworker heard the heartbreak in my voice and offered to come in on a day she didn't work!  They were two-hours long, each, and I was so nervous!  The next day, while I was zipping up to Logan for my gyno appointment, (I love my doctor enough for the drive) our caseworker called and asked if she could do our home study the next Wednesday!  I was freaking out.  Our eighth anniversary was on Monday, so on Sunday we had plans to skip town.  That only gave us three days to prepare!
While we were in Logan, mom and I bought child-proofing stuff and on Friday, I spent the day on my hands and knees viewing my house from my future baby's point of view, and childproofing every nook and cranny.
Saturday, we worked in the yard all day, Spence finally clearing the branches from trimming our tree last year that we'd stacked in the side-yard, and me pulling weeds that had completely taken over my garden. Luckily, all of my plants survived, and my onions are thriving.  My cilantro was waist-high so I had to chop it down!  We haven't had a free Saturday since April!  But the home study gave us an excuse to get things done over all other obligations!
My handy brother came over to patch the hole in the wall from when our door-stop failed, and when it was time to paint over it, the paint in our garage that we'd assumed was tan for three years, was black.  I had a minor panic attack, but decided it really didn't matter if my wall was white in a spot, at least it was patched.  When Spencer got home, we looked into these huge buckets that on first glance, looked blue, but upon stirring, were tan.   It seems so silly, but I was so relieved.
On Sunday, we skipped town and checked in to our yearly get-away at the Anniversary Inn.  This year I picked the Biker's Road House room for Spence.  It was super cool.  It had a motorcycle, a pinball machine, and a pool table.  It was decorated like a bar inside with a harley out in the parking lot.  Really cute. The next day we went to our favorite park and took a nap by the ducks, did some shopping, and ate at our favorite restaurant, Le Nonne.  It was perfect.  We got home late that night, so on Tuesday, the house was cleaned top to bottom, and I had several panicking moments where I did things like reorganized the linen closet, which I have to do again because not everything fits now.
Wednesday morning I was so nervous!  I had my mom come over to hang out with me till Spencer got there in order to calm me down.  I don't know why I picked her...she's the least calm person I know.  Finally, the doorbell rang, we said a quick prayer, and it was here.  I don't know what I was so nervous about, but I probably will be for our next one for baby number two as well.  We passed and were told that it would be three weeks till we were approved.  I could hardly believe my ears!  It's finally here!  You guys!  Three weeks!  Or 15 days from now!!  All of our hard work is done.  Now, we're just working on fun stuff, like making a video, and other fun stuff that you can share to help us find our birth mom!  Stay tuned, we're going to be putting you to work.


Jessica Lasater said...

We love ya chels and are here for you guys every step of the way

mommy princess said...

We will share all your info. And videos with everyone! Hugs and prayers xoxo