Friday, September 12, 2014

things to give

I am en route right now to see Mason Jennings in concert for like the tenth time, but this time I'm extra excited. Why? We're going to give him some pass along cards and tell him he's the inspiration for our theme, The Tire Swing Dream! How amazing would that be if he helped us find our baby?! We might have to have a hyphenated middle name. 
We ordered a coloring book he put out, but I will have to tear out a page that says the eff word... Hah! He played at BYU a few years ago and said the eff word. I bet they were happy! 
I always wish we could hang out with him and I could give him a Book of Mormon and talk to him about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A few of his songs talk about searching for meaning, peace, religion, God. It always makes me want to share what I know with him. Give him the key to happiness. Give him the key to ETERNAL happiness and tell him how he can be with his little family forever.
Spencer likes to tease me about my gusto to give people BOMs. So far, my attempts have not resulted in any conversions, but perhaps I've planted some seeds and my friends will remember the book one day when they're searching for peace. Spence said to me, "You can't just give him a Book of Mormon! He's Mason Jennings!" Sure I can! But I think it's more effective when you can have a discussion, so I'll start with a pass along card

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