Thursday, November 6, 2014

two sick girls

I keep resolving to write more frequently, don't I?  I will, promise.  I got a freelance writing gig so I will be writing more frequently anyway, and sometimes your fingers, and brain, need a warm up.

So, I got shingles.  I know!  I was shocked too.  I thought it was some kind of rash because I'm allergic to like, the world.  Frequently I'll just break out in hives for no apparent reason, and I've discussed how my lips will swell up like Mick Jagger's.  So, I toughed it out for a few days.  Then one night I was in so much pain and I just wanted my mom.  So, the next day I called her and she convinced me it was time to see a doctor with how much pain I was in.

The doctor examined me and I swear to you, he said, "Oh, you've got shingles."  I was like, "Is that normal for my age?  I thought only elderly people got shingles."  Apparently, people as young as 13 can get them!  He gave me a steroid to take and it was aw-ful.  It made me really sick and I couldn't poop for like 9 days.  (Me and my pooper, right?) Speaking of poop...I was inspired to write a post about what to do if you're constipated.  Watch for that later.  I'm all better now, but holy cow, it was crazy!  So very painful.

Belle is sick too.  :(  She started getting some allergies on her skin; little rashes.  She wouldn't quit licking or biting at them and they developed little lesions.  They call them hot spots.  We got her some medicine to put on them topically, but she would just lick it off, so we decided to try some Benedryl.  (Check with your vet first if you do this.  You want to make sure the dosage is right.)  She didn't tolerate it well and was acting weird, so we took her to the ER.  The vet said she was fine and there was no cause for concern, just to watch her.  So, I did.  All. Night. Long.  I counted the spaces in between her breaths for about 8 hours.  The hot spots are healing nicely after I gave her an oatmeal bath then washed it off with Cetaphil.  But now, she's got a tummy bug.  She threw up on Monday, twice, poor roo, and has had the runs ever since.  She's self-fasting, only eating a little bit every other day. Apparently, dogs instinctually know how to take care of themselves, but it doesn't seem to be working.  So, as her mother, I've done my research and have been giving her pumpkin and cottage cheese to eat, just a couple tablespoons, and forcing her to take some Pepto every 4 hours which she is not a fan of.  At all.  Make sure you talk to your vet before trying this too.  I also put some chicken granules in her water to encourage her to drink so she doesn't get dehydrated.  Thank you internet.

She's really given me a run for my money this year!  First with fatigue, then her teeth surgery, her "beauty marks" as I call them (little warts), and now these dang hot spots and tummy troubles.  Last night I examined her eyeballs much to her dismay, to make sure cataracts weren't developing cause she couldn't see her milkbone.  The good news is, even at 7, she still has the vitality of a puppy.  She still wants to play every morning, and then always at bedtime when I have to turn her down, and she's still the fastest runner and highest jumper I know.  We love our girl!!

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Jessica Lasater said...

You poor things :-( I'm so sorry but so glad you guys are better. Remember, call us for amything! Loves