Wednesday, February 4, 2015

pillow talk is back!!!!

Omg I am so excited right now!!! Spencer hasn't said funny things in his sleep for a while, but this just happened:
Sleepy Spence: Hey why are you still up?
Me: I have that stupid headache again! I can't get rid of it! It's been four days!
Sleepy Spence: I assume you've taken medicine and put the heating pad on your head?
Me: Yes. Not helping.
Sleepy Spence: Well, if it's not going away it sounds to me like a user-driven an application you've brought with you. Some guys...some point is...I don't remember. I'm half asleep so take this with a grain of salt. Some people do weird stuff when things don't work. Like, if you give a cat spaghetti it solves most problems, you know? Anyway, my theory is you should do a hot and cold treatment with cold focusing soley on your eyes. Sorry I was being weird. I kept having visions of people eating pizza giving advice, like, they all give really good advice you know? 
Me: (No reply bc I'm covering my mouth so I don't laugh hysterically.)

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D said...

I dont have words. Just tears from laughing. Almost tore my face stitches.