Wednesday, February 3, 2016

must-have swag for baby

Hi friends! I've been a slacker, but for good reason. My keyboard on my MacBook is broken. 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩 I'm afraid to take her in bc if they tell me she's dead I'll exhibit the above emojis. So, today I'm on my phone. However, being a pre-millennial, I can only type at the speed of light on a trusty ole Nokia. So, this will be short and to the point. As a FTM, I did a lot of research on the best car seats, strollers, high chairs, cribs, rocking chairs, you know, the biggies. But, these are the products I've found along the way that are my faves! All links are here:
Firstly, sleep is really important to my health, so we do all we can to ensure she's a good sleeper. I swear by the Babywise method. But these products help:
1. Swaddles. First, you'll need a ton of muslin swaddle blankets. She was a NB in the summer, so we nixed jammies and had her sleep in onesies (the T-shirt kind) and used these to swaddle her. Babies can get heat rash easily and like to sleep between 65-70 degrees. After they're too tall for blankets, please, please get at least two Miracle Blankets! They really are a miracle!
2. Black out blinds. Is it morning or night? Who cares. It's dark so I should sleep. Ours were a bit pricey and hardcore. They let zero light in. Link will come soon. We like these Gro-anywhere with me shades for traveling! 
3. Sound machine. It creates a womb-like environment for baby AND drowns out and external nursery noise. Any of them are good, but for on-the-go, I love our Sleep Sheep by Cloud B! 
4. Pressure relieving pillow. A's having some flat spot issues. I bought this pillow at four months and oh, how I wish I'd found it sooner. 
4b. You're also gonna need a video monitor so you can lie awake at night and watch them breathe. 😳 (Or you can get a Snooza or Owlet if you're a millionaire.) We love our Foscam! It has an away version so Spencer can peek in on his angel while he's at work, or if I'm out I can make sure he's keeping her on schedule! 😜 Also, get a cool-mist humidifier to keep congestion down if you live in the desert like me. And a box fan is a must. Studies have shown that the air circulation helps prevent SIDS. 
5. Diaper Genie. I have two; one upstairs and one down. Get one. Or two. Trust me.
6. Tub stuff. You'll need a tub, of course, but what to use in it? Nix the J&J. I'm sorry, I know it's sad, but just trust me. A had bad eczema and cradle cap and as soon as we switched it got better, and if we keep up on it it stays away! Use Mustella for their hair with a hair scrubbie and plain Dove soap for their yummy lil rolls. Be careful not to get Dove in their eyes, but the shampoo is tear-free. I use Cetaphil on her face, just like mommy. When she's out of the tub and ready to be rubbed down, we swear by the Cereve cream! Not the lotion, the cream. You'll also want a care kit. This one by Summer Infant has EVERYTHING, including a sore gym rubber! Get a Nose Frida booger sucker too. Those bulb syringes ain't fooling anyone. 
7. Feeding. You're gonna need a crapload of bibs and burp cloths. Like, more than you can ever imagine owning. Or you'll be doing laundry every day. A boppy is also a necessity and not just for feeding. It's great for early tummy time too. I'm a formula mom so I know nothing about breastfeeding and what you need for that, but the Baby Brezza formula maker has changed my life. It measures everything, heats it to the right temp, and dispenses the perfect amount for you! I also love these formula holder/dispensers while we are on-the-go. Gripe water is this secret potion that will help with colic and especially cure hiccups! You'll want that as well as some infant gas drops! I love my bottle brush and Boone drying rack. The air circulation allows things to dry much faster, it holds things up, and is super cute. You'll also need at least two dishwasher baskets to corral small parts. I like my sterilizer too, for quickies. However, I have melted some stuff in it, so read if it's safe to boil before you melt all of your stuff. 😬
7. Teething: The Yummy Mitt is soooo high on my list! A always has her hands in her mouth and this keeps them from getting raw, it absorbs saliva to prevent rashes, it doesn't drop on the floor, and I can throw it in the washing machine! The banana is also something she loves and gets her ready to brush her teethies someday! Sophie is also a classic. A also loves the fresh food feeders, but save them for hard foods and get the silicone ones for mushy things. Highland teething tablets work fast wonders. You'll also want some super cute drool bibs that look like scarves so they can look cute and you won't go through nine shirts a day.
8. Organizing: I love my closet organized I bought! I also went to IKEA and bought a ton of their great drawer organizers and bins to have around the house so I don't always have to run to the nursery. 
8. Playtime: I loved this little gym bc A LOVES to kick! Make sure you get something that can grow with them bc they don't last very long! And use that pillow dang it! Speaking of pillows, I loved our boppy bean bag when she was a newborn. We could play while she laid on it and it helped with her acid reflux before she could sit up.
9. Car: you'll want some shades to keep the sun out and a mirror so you can see their sweet lil face! As far as car seats go, we got the britax travel system and like it. The stroller is compact, morphs, and is easy to put up and down. 
10. Baby wearing. Omg, wear your baby. I was planning on wearing A allll day but then I thought it not safe bc of my seizures and I was/AM CRUSHED. It's SO good for their muscles! It helps them strengthen their neck, chest, head, even legs! They have improved sensory skills at an earlier age, AND the bonding...oh the bonding. It's so, so, so good for them. It even counts as tummy time! 
Any other moms have some must-have items?

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