Friday, April 15, 2016

never be enough

We are going to be sealed as a family on Saturday. Finally. I just want it done. So many of our loved ones can't come, but we feel strongly that we can't postpone it a minute longer. I hope that doesn't mean anything.
After having to cancel, I'm kind of freaking out. Instead of sleeping, I'm making piles in my house of things to bring, checklists on my phone, in my head, so many things in my head. Our recommends...did I put them away after last time? Do I need new slippers? Will she be able to wear her bonnet? Don't forget the bonnet. Or the blanket. Or her headband. Bring the AMMENDED record of adoption, not the original. Stupid attorney. I feel sick.
Vaya got the flu somehow and was sick all last week, then Spence and I got it. On Monday I ended up in the hospital with severe hydration. I didn't feel normal until today, when meanwhile, Spencer had a MAJOR upset at work. He has to work tomorrow to make up for Monday and it looks like my mom can't take me to run errands. (Crap! I need foundation!) Also, I forgot Belle's birthday till mid-day the day of. It's been a bad week. It seems like there's been an unnecessary amount of puke. And stress. I can feel Satan's sneaky pull. I cannot wait for Saturday to get here so he knows he's defeated and backs off for just a minute.
 I can't wait to kneel across the altar with my sweetheart, with our little angel in between us, and say those magic words, those vows, that bind us for all eternity.
Eternity will never be enough with my three goofy babies. 

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