Sunday, May 8, 2016

to my mom on mother's day

Remember when I was little and we'd play house all day? Remember trying to walk with me literally attached to your leg? Remember going on bike rides with me in a seat on the back? (I could've died!) Remember how you let me sleep with you every night and then you'd make me breakfast in (your) bed and you'd let me watch Days of Our Lives with you? Remember lemonade stands and ice-cream trucks and teaching me to fold laundry and making baby dolls and super hero capes out of towels? Remember how my birthdays were always the best and how you refused to celebrate St. Patrick's Day because it was Chelsi Day? Remember when I was a teenager and we would fight about my hair and how I was ALWAYS late for first period even though I woke up at 5:30 in the morning? Remember how I'd follow you through the house back-talking so you'd fight with me? You'd ignore me and it made me furious.  Sorry for that. Remember how we would spend our summers at Cherry Hill and Wild Waters and Surf and Swim and we'd smell like chlorine and sunscreen and heat?  Remember how when you had to get a job you hired a nanny to take us to those places when you were stuck at work? Remember when you'd get home after working 12 hours and get in the bathtub to relax but I'd come and put my feet in and tell you all about my day and who said what to who and asked if you thought so-and-so liked me because he touched my arm?  Remember when all of my friends abandoned me, but you, my best friend, never did? I do.  I love you. Happy Mother's Day. 
Ps. Sorry for being a little shit.   

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