Wednesday, August 17, 2016

six-minute diy sippy cup leash

Today I thought I'd share my idea that arose in a moment of sheer desperation. Do you have a toddler with a wicked curveball? I do. And if that sippy cup hit the floor one more time...
My inner dialogue proceeded as follows:
I NEED a GD sippy cup leash! 
I saw some on Amazon Prime but that's still like 2.5 days to wait. And are they worth $7? If only I had elastic I could make one. 💡 HEADBANDS!!! I have HEADBANDS!! When's nap time?! 

Here's what you need:
Leftover ribbon-- long enough to reach from wherever you hook it to your child's mouth.*
A spare elastic headband 
Glue gun 
Measuring tape from the Beach Body program that you totally used.

1. Measure around your sippy. Cut a piece of the headband the length you measured minus one inch. My sippy was 7 inches so my headband was cut at about 6.

2. Make sure it fits snugly and stretches around it with no slack. Recut if necessary. 

3. Heat-seal the ends of your ribbon and elastic using a lighter. Hold the ends close to the flame till they melt. If it catches fire just hurry and blow it out. No one will know. Just don't burn your house down. 
You can also just coat the ends of the ribbon with clear nail polish...but then it has to dry and ain't nobody got time for that.
4. Glue the end of your ribbon to itself to make a loop. It needs to be wide enough for the elastic to fit through. 

5. Repeat with the elastic and glue it to the opposite end of your ribbon.
6. Loop the ribbon somewhere around your highchair and pull the elastic loop through the ribbon loop. 

6. Attach sippy cup through the elastic.

7. Reclaim sanity.

If you're a real woman you could sew this and make seams and stuff. You could even hide the ends of the elastic by putting ANOTHER ribbon on the back side. Do that for your Etsy shop. This is a six-minute-use-what-you've-got-laying-around-make-it-during-nap-time-before-I-clean-the-tub-and-make-dinner project.
Good luck and carry on, moms. 

*Don't leave your littles unattended when using these. If you make one for a car seat, make sure it's short enough that it can't go around your baby's neck! 

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